Membership Requirements

Candidates for membership shall be professional women of achievement.

They must be actively engaged in careers in food, wine, hospitality, agriculture and related industries with a minimum of seven years professional experience. Candidates must agree to support and work for the purposes of the Chapter and to abide by its Bylaws.

Membership in Les Dames d’ Escoffier and its Chapters is by invitation only. A prospective member may be proposed and sponsored by any member of the Chapter who is in good standing and must be seconded by another member of the chapter. Please see 2018 Member Nomination Form. The proposed members are then submitted to the nomination committee who reviews the applicants for qualifications and once apporoved by the board, the names are submitted to the general membership for voting.

The proposed members are required to make a positive contribution to Les Dames d’Escoffier, devoting time and energy to its activities, working harmoniously with others, attending required meetings each year and supporting the fund raising efforts of the organization.