Dames Dion Turner, RDN, and Dame Linda Triesch, RDN CDE, are excited to be co-chairs for Green Tables this year. We have had wonderful support from several San Antonio Dames in the past and it’s never too late to join our committee!
We are working on these projects:
Casa Mia Garden Project,  new this year, is headed by Green Tables Co-Chair Dion Turner. Casa Mia is a transitional home for women and children in San Antonio that specializes in helping pregnant and parenting women who are recovering from opioid-use disorders get back on their feet. Casa Mia is supported by Crosspoint Inc. and UT Health School of Nursing.
You can find more information about the program at https://www.casamiasanantonio.com/about-us
Les Dames approved a grant proposal for $2,000 for a garden project at Casa Mia in December 2019. The funding will be used to build raised beds, add soil and plants and buy some garden tools at the Casa Mia location for a fall garden. Christiane Meireles, RDN, is the UT Health Science Center Nutritionist who submitted the grant proposal. She is also the nutritionist working with Healy Murphy Center, which we have supported in the past. Christiane will be recognized with a national award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for providing outstanding health services to women for the work she is doing at Casa Mia.
Our site visit was made on June 4, 2020, to Casa Mia, a beautiful home located in the Historical Monte Vista.
Pictured right to left: Christians Meireles, RDN, project co-ordinator; Dame Dion Turner, RDN, co-chairman Green Tables overseeing Casa Mia Project; Dame Rollie Blackwell; and, Dame Linda Triesch, co-chairman Green Tables.
We were joined by Program Administrator, Joseph D. Shaffer, pictured right, of Crosspoint, Inc. There will be challenges due to limited sunny space but with the help of Dames, nothing is impossible. These are before pictures. Stay tuned for the after pictures posted this fall.
Time Dollar Community Connections continues to be supported by our Chapter headed up by Green Tables co-chair, Linda Triesch, RDN, CDE.
LDEISA provides funding for summer classes for 20 children (ages 4-11) using the Junior Master Gardener program. Join us and share your professional expertise during these classes. The classes run for eight weeks with an end of summer ceremony and awards.
Junior Master Gardening (JMG) Class of 2019 funded by LDEISA
LDEISA funds the irrigation and planting of Time Dollar’s Spring and Fall Gardens. The JMG children painted this colorful mural of the Three Sister’s Garden (corn, beans and squash) in 2014 where the children learned of the indigenous gardening traditions.
Help will be needed in the oversight in the preparation and planting of Time Dollars Fall Garden. Dates to be determined but this is usually in mid-August.
We will continue with providing two Nutrition and Diabetes Workshops in the Fall. This is another opportunity to share your professional expertise with a focus on fresh seasonal produce collected from local farmers represented at the Pearl Farmers Market.
Dame Di-Anna Arias shares her talents by demonstrating how easy it is to prepare Arugula Pesto. (See recipe.)
Dames Mary Martini, Linda Triesch and Blanca Aldaco prepared Sopa Fideo a la Mexícana, a popular dish. Blanca translated for non-English-speaking participants. Bi-lingual recipes are also provided. (See recipe.)
Sopa Fideo a la Mexícana, colorful and flavorful. (See recipe.)
We will need help with the distribution of 40 holiday turkeys in November and December. Dates are to be determined. This year, LDEISA will provide shelf-stable sides with recipes to accompany their holiday meal.
From left front, Edward Esparza; Silbia Esparza, director of Time Dollar; Dame Diana Adkison with Ben E. Keith donations of side dishes; Dame Lisa Wong with donations of turkeys; Dame Linda Triesch with her sister Frances; Dames Di-Anna Arias; and Dame Leslie Horne with her donation of Aurelia’s Chorizo and other Time Dollar volunteers.
We are looking forward to your participation in our Green Tables Projects and are providing you with several opportunities to fulfill your volunteer hours!
Thank You,
Dion and Linda