Green Tables

Les Dames d’Escoffier International,, has designed a philanthropic program called “Green Tables” to help communities better understand the link between rural and urban farms and their tables. Many of our members, in the San Antonio Chapter, have continued to support LDEI by educating our community on good food and how we can grow and source many of these foods locally.

A message from Susan Jaime who was past Chairman of the San Antonio Chapter Green Tables Committee:

“In 2016-2017 we will be concentrating on 4 main projects. Each of these projects has the commitment and participation of the Dames who are part of the Green Tables Committee and give opportunity for the rest of our membership to participate.

1) We will start training at Willson Elementary to continue to expand their garden with our help. Providing more programs for parents, grandparents and children to continue to work in the garden and use their new green house constructed of plastic bottles.

2) A new school garden will be constructed at Brackenridge Middle School in the San Antonio Independant School District. This is an important project because the location is in a low income area with very little access to fresh produce.

3) Hydrocponics will be initiated at Time Dollar Community Connections. Also, more involvement with cooking classes with more recipes on how to cook the seasonal produce from their own garden and the donations from local farmers’ markets. Development of a idea to put together boxes with all the fresh food items needed with recipes to prepare a meal, will be given out at their “Community Table” that feeds approximately 40-60 families a week.

4) Dame Dion Turner is director of a community garden in New Braunfels that we will also help with funding and work.  This garden is an important part of that community and it serves a large population of under privileged families.

Our President has asked us to also introduce activities in our projects that takes the families back to the roots of their native cuisine and the value of eating a meal together as a family with out any distractions with electronics.  We love that idea and we will be working on getting a program that highlights this idea.

Each one of the members in our committee have a task and a roll to play in each one of our projects.

These projects will be charted and analyzed for their results in a span of 3 to 5 years.  This is very important for each project so that we can give it the time to grow and give results.”